Welcome to Suncal Chemical Corp.
Suncal Chemical Corporation, Since 1990 has distributed, Enviro Friendly & Economical Chemical Products for all types of Industrial & Textile use. Suncal offers an extensive range of Chemicals used in food and beverage, cosmetics, painting industries. Suncal has initiated sales to china, Mexico, and Latin America (2003). 

Suncal Chemical offers the following services to our customers:

  • Fast shipping, usually the same day after the order is received.
  • Custom Repacking with their labels bulk products. 
  • We sell bulk products.
  • Competitive  prices.

We distribute Chemicals for Fabric Dyeing & Finishing, Denim Wash Processing and Carpet  Industry.

Metal Plating
We carry complete range of Industrial Chemicals for Plating Industry. 
Food & Beverage
We carry Imported and Domestic  USP Grade Chemicals for Food Industry.
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